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Turning Rhetorical
Melissa Felder an author with a hearing disability who attended Yale University explains her experience at Yale in her article, “How Yale Supports Students With Disabilities”; along with how other students with disabilities are treated as well. Although she does touch some on other students she focuses more on her hearing disability. Felder goes in to detail on her experience inside of the classroom along with outside they classroom. She compares how it was at first when she began at the university compared to how it changed over the course of her time there. Felder’s goals out of this article are to educated others simply on how students with disabilities have it at universities and how these universities help make these students fit right in. Not to say that all Universities provide the exact same resources as Yale does; some may have better while others worst. Overall Felder helps show the audience her goals by giving us more of an understanding of college life with a disability, what the campus does offer and does not offer as far as resources, and how students with disabilities are affected. By putting all these into her article she provides the audience with grave information on the subject; education the public on what we do not consider on a day to day basis.

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Audience is key to Felder making a statement in her article; she could just target anyone but she is mostly consulting college students and college officials. She begins to grab the audience with sympathy at first; but she does not want the audience to take pity of her. Instead she describes the struggles she has such as “these frustrations are but a small part of my experiences and have not stopped me from taking advantage of all Yale has to offer.” This creates a bond with the audience; a relationship that brings the reader to a closer understanding. She then goes in to describe how lectures and seminars are hard to sometimes comprehend. After explaining...
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