Review of the Decline and Fall of the British University

Topics: University, Professor, Russell Group Pages: 2 (553 words) Published: September 14, 2013
Zhang Jiaqi
Advanced English Writing
Li Xiaoou
Critical Review
Oct.11st, 2012

Review of "The Decline and Fall of the British University" by Zhang Jiaqi

As we all know, Britain has world’s top universities. Each year, there are thousands of students all over the world want to go to British universities to have further study. However, are these universities becoming better? What kind of problems exists in the British universities? The article, "The Decline and Fall of the British University", was written by Dr. Mark Tarver, who used to be a tenured lecturer in the UK. As the title of the article indicates, the author thinks that the British universities are undergoing a process of declining. Dr. Tarver explains to us how the British universities decline and fall. The author does demonstrate some reasonable points, but some of his views are one-sided. Summary

In this article, the author states that his story is also the decline and fall of the British universities. He argues that the educational revolution required universities to lower their entrance qualification in order to increase the percentage of entrants. Then he mentions “modularization”, a new system that represented the students’ choice of classes was driven by the government. Next, he illustrates the lecturers in the university pay too much attention to the papers and other meaningless stuff. Therefore, Dr. Tarver gets the conclusion that the British universities were declining. Argument and Evaluation

First of all, the author only used his own experience as examples, which are all about one major at one university. Therefore, I think his conclusion is not all-inclusive. He can do more research on other majors and universities, and then he may get a more convincing conclusion. Secondly, when he mentions the problem of increasing enrollment of universities, the author thinks that the quality of students is...
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