Topics: Milk, Alcoholic beverage, Supermarket Pages: 1 (304 words) Published: May 16, 2013
Shopping literally means the act of buying products. People frequently go shopping to meet their essential needs or sometimes it can be just for recreation. Most of daily transactions come from essential needs which can be outlined under many titles such as fast-moving consumer goods, clothing, electronics and so forth. As for fast-moving consumer goods, it includes dairy products, fruit and vegetables, drinks; in short food and beverages. Personal care products like shampoo, toothpaste, and hand cream can also be categorized as fast-moving consumer goods. The aim of this research is to investigate METU students’ shopping habits of fast-moving consumer goods. While we are trying to figure out their shopping habits, we will try to explain the effects of such certain factors as gender, grade, accommodation type, and socio-economical status. In this context, we will look for the answers of the following questions “how often s/he go shopping?” , “what is his/her priority while shopping, quality or price?” , “where does s/he go shopping, inside or outside the campus?” , “which supermarket does s/he favour, and why?”. We anticipate that the students at METU prefer those supermarkets which offer them inexpensive products. In addition, they prefer to go shopping outside the campus, especially the ones in 100. Yıl, due to the lack of variety of products inside the campus although the one in the campus is economic. Moreover, we are of the idea that ladies go shopping more often than gentlemen and boarding students than the ones living with their parents. As a consequence, the data that we will obtain in this process will be useful for the supermarket inside the campus and the entrepreneur firms wanting to locate a supermarket inside the campus.
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