Required Courses in College

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Required Courses in College
College is a developmental stage in a person's life. Students will face difficult life changing decisions and one of those will include choosing their career. A student will choose a major and take the majority of his or her classes in that subject. Even though colleges require all students to take a few core classes unrelated to their major, one might feel that those requirements are too lenient. Three classes that universities should require all students to take, in order to receive any major, are public speaking, psychology, and a computer information class.  Public speaking should be a required course at all universities. A class on public speaking would focus on writing, practicing, and presenting a speech. This helps a student develop effective communication skills, allowing him or her to share his or her knowledge and ideas. For any career, having well-developed public speaking skills will give students a competitive advantage over their opponents. Taking a public speaking course will also help the students overcome his or her fear of speaking in public and gain self-confidence in themselves. A students confidence in his or her work, opinion, and knowledge will not only catch somebody's attention, but also keep them intrigued. This will allow for forward motion in not only in a student's career, but in their future. Every student needs to develop good communication skills, but not all students will take it by choice, therefore colleges should require public speaking as a core class.  Colleges students should also be required to take a psychology class. Psychology is the study of mental functions and behaviors. Taking this class, students will learn what contributes to a variety-in-thought processes. Students will gain knowledge on the effects of unique upbringings and disorders. Psychology will also allow students to get a glimpse at understanding human behavior that can give them an insight on...
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