Relationship, Communication, and Society

Topics: Sociology, Mores, Norm Pages: 1 (347 words) Published: August 28, 2013
What is a social norm? Social norms are beliefs that a large group of people hold as true. They are generally unspoken patterns of behavior that are expected from everyone in the community. They can be in everything from your speech, body language, mannerisms, and general every day actions.

How do you feel about conforming to external influences? I conform to specific social norms that have to do with manners and respect; I believe that these are the most important social norms that a person can exhibit, to me everything else is secondary. I must say that normally I rally to the side of the renegade or the outsider. I don’t conform to this new idea that everything must be politically correct, I personally don’t care. For example this new “It’s ok to be gay” thing, I could care less if someone is gay or not, it has no direct impact on my life, but this notion that I am no longer allowed to call something gay or say the word fag because it’s the new taboo of the day is just silly. I use that terminology in conversation with my friends a lot as in “that’s gay” or “he’s a fag” but were really not relating that to being homosexual per say were referring to the fact that we dislike something and that happens to be the particular slang words we use. That being said it’s vary unlikely that I would use that terminology outside of my circle of friends not because I’m afraid but because it’s not proper to do so. I tend to be very resistant to change when it has a direct impact on how I conduct my daily life, I feel as though no one has the right, government included, to tell me how to live or how to act, but on the flip side of that there are consequences for every action, if I choose to do something that I know is morally wrong or even legally wrong then it’s likely that I will feel the ramifications of my actions.
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