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Local Literature
An article from The Philippine Star dated August 7, 2012 by Louella D. Desiderio entitled “Businesses urged to use Internet to push products”. It shows that businesses are advised to use the Internet for promoting their products and services as more consumers are going online to research before making purchases. Companies should consider using online advertisements for the products and services they offer as more and more people are using the Internet to research goods they plan to buy before making the purchase. It also states that in the Philippines, the study showed that around 70 percent of consumers first make a research of their purchases online even if they purchase offline. This trend shows the potential of growing the business by going online.It is related to the study because it informs businesses that online advertising is very effective. It also shows that whether small or big businesses, they can easily have the benefits of online advertisements of reaching users at a time of relevance anywhere Local Study

A research study conducted by Jean Louisse Villanueva Concha and Jossa Kristine Cruz Soler from University of the Philippines Diliman on April 2012 entitled “The Rise of Online Advertising and its Impact on the Future of the Philippine Newspaper”. The researchers conclude that online activity has reached an unprecedented rise owing to the popularity of social networking sites and the easier accessibility to computers and the internet for more people. As such, and with more methods of interactive and efficient advertising available online. The rising online presence causes advertises to invest more online advertising rather than newspaper advertising and the dwindling of newspaper readership causes advertisers to flee from the newspaper as another advertising medium has taken place. It is related to the study because online advertising is really popular to business and to audience or customers because it’s more easy to spread...
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