Reflection paper

Topics: Alcoholic beverage, Long-term effects of alcohol, Michigan State University Pages: 2 (394 words) Published: November 25, 2013
Reflection Paper
Bob jon
Room 522 East Holden

1. After completing the E-chug assessment, I’ve learned a lot of things that I never knew. These facts were pretty surprising to me and unexpected. I’ve learned that over 50 percent of college students consume drink when partying and also consume over 3 drinks. I also learned that 40 percent of men drink less than me, which was very surprising to me because I don’t believe I drink that much. I also learned that I supposedly spend over 500 dollars on alcohol a year. I believe that fact is false and was somehow made up by the program because I carefully watch how much I spend yearly and I definitely don’t spend that much money on alcohol.

2. I don’t know what the Michigan State University policy. I can assume it has something to do with not allowing students to drink under the age of 21 or have possession of alcohol. It also probably has to do with the consequences of getting caught drinking under the age and having possession of alcohol. The Michigan State University policy exists to protect the students of the dangers of alcohol. It also exists to prevent students from hindering their future.

3. I’ve learned many new things from this past experience. I’ve learned to not drink in the dorms. I’ve learned to watch what you say when Residential Advisors are walking by because certain words can catch their attentions and they stop knock on your door because they are suspicious even though you weren’t loud, and they will write you up. I’ve learned a lot from the E-chug process. I’ve learned that a lot of college students drink and drink heavily. I’ve also learned that drinking underage can have long term effects. I’ve also learned that drinking is very dangerous.

4. My behavior will not change too dramatically. It will change slightly to adjust to my personal benefits. I truly believe that I don’t have a drinking problem and it is not affecting my life. I lightly drink and barely drink. The things that will...
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