Reflection on a university studies course

Topics: Higher education, Goal, Thought Pages: 3 (1150 words) Published: November 24, 2013
When I first began this class nine weeks ago, I had a vague idea how I planned on achieving my degree and I was not sure if I was truly prepared for college. I had quite a few doubts and fears. Now, after completing this University Studies course, I not only feel prepared but I feel confident in my ability to pursue my degree and career goals. This class has provided me with an amazing tools and a plan of action that is not only helpful for my academic goals, but also my career in Healthcare Administration.

I believe the long-term results of obtaining a degree in higher education is complete success in my professional career. My plan is to run or own my own hospital. It is going to be a long journey to get there but getting my degree here at the University of Phoenix is the first step. The value of completing a degree in higher education is not only at a high level for me personally but also for employers. Going to college and getting a degree was always a personal goal and very important for me. I also know it will give me the upper hand and increase my chances of getting a job in the career field I desire. This class was the perfect start to show me what it takes to earn my degree and pursue my career goals effectively. There were so many tools that this course has provided for me. Some I already had an understanding of but this course widened my horizon to how to use them and why they were important. Other tools I never thought to be so helpful until now. A few of the tools that stuck out the most to me and I found to be the most useful included goal setting, integrity and ethics, and critical thinking.

Goal setting is the first tool that grasped my attention early on in this course. I have known what it means to set goals since I was young. However, like many things, I had a small idea and some scattered thoughts on how to effectively set goals. In this course I not only learned about different types of goals but also how to set them....
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