Reflection on Paintings

Topics: Painting, Color, Modernism Pages: 1 (319 words) Published: February 18, 2014
The gallery for Christopher Burch features contemporary landscape. This broad term was at first confusing to me. I didn’t know what to expect. At first I thought contemporary landscape could mean urban, but I was pleasantly surprised to find beautiful works of art of paintings that are almost soothing to the soul and eyes. These paintings were so beautifully done that anyone could enjoy them. Every single one was so detailed, yet so simple. Each painting had a unique landscape that looked so real and tangible.

My particular favorite painting was Pelican Island. I had difficulty narrowing it down. I live near the ocean and many times I have seen the moon over the ocean with an impending storm arising. It is so peaceful on a beach at night. This painting caught my eye particularly because I noticed how true the painting was to the scenes I’ve seen on a beach at night. There was so much texture to the painting that when you looked up close it seemed everywhere I looked I caught something new. The colors were beautiful and the clouds brought the picture to life. My absolute favorite part of the painting was the moon. The size and shape were perfect. It didn’t look like a circle colored in with craters and light, it was dimensional. The light reflected perfectly off of the water and the beams lit up the clouds to the left of the painting. Everyone looks at art and sees something different. People relate art to a situation in their lives. If the art is not relevant to their life, usually people pass it by. This painting particularly reminds me of home. I enjoyed the entire exhibit, but this one was my favorite because it was relevant to my life. Christopher Burch’s paintings bring to life so many of us have seen, but cannot communicate in our own way.
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