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Universities have always been a really important part of the society in United Kingdom. As we all know that some famous universities here are among the best universities around the world. For example, Cambridge University, The University of Oxford, The University of Warwick and so on. However, following the university funding crisis, every university has to build the road for gaining money by themselves; tuition fee is the most vulnerable target. Based on this reality, more and more poor students cannot enter to universities normally, because of the tuition fee is too expensive. At the same time, poor students’ education level always not as high as rich students, because of area, economy and other factors. Shepherd (2010) states that Ministers were warned today that students would be put off studying for degrees from the poorest families at prestigious universities. On the basis of the current situation of universities’ policy in UK, the poor students’ admission standards are as same as rich students. Then the poor students are facing the stress of entering to universities. It is well believed that whoever take charge of political situation, an important event is the cut of university funding will occur. Undeniably, important budget cuts will be introduced and this will have a significant effect on the tuition fees. In fact and as demonstrated by Richardson (2010), there will be a cut of approximately £573 million from the budget devoted to universities. This will have some serious results on the employment department in universities but also on the rate of admission into universities of poor students. In an article of BBC news, published in 2003. It is stated that the education secretary said the poorest students could be completely exempt from university top-up fees. Therefore, it was decided for this extraordinary research, in order to get first-hand information, to focus on people’s opinion about universities should reduce the tuition fee for poor students. Meanwhile, there is a fact that the poor students’ admission standard is as same as rich students. The poor students always have larger stress than rich students, because the education level is not same. In generally, due to the poor students have not enough money to pay for the higher tuition fees, so they always learn in poor high school in undeveloped areas. The facilities and educational level of poor high school are not advanced than exclusive school. Government officials said that students who have a better family environment, their admission criteria should higher than poor students. Another debate is that whether the universities should reduce the admission criteria for poor students. As a research team, our particular aim was to survey the public opinion that whether the universities should reduce the admission standards and tuition fees for poor students. Therefore, this report will focus and explain a survey created in order to discover public opinion about poor students’ particular policies, but also about how to improve the poor students’ quality of life. Our expected findings are that the population believe that reduce the admission standards and tuition fees will take more advantages to poor students. At the same time, the support of society organizations will give poor students more opportunities for jobs. We also suppose that respondents would support this study in the majority, so the poor students would not face larger stress of study and life. Methodology:

In order to discover whether the universities should reduce the admission standards for poor students or not and what consequences was perceived, a questionnaire composed of eighteen different questions was realized (see appendix). It mainly focused on questions about whether public agree universities change some policies for poor...

References: Learning City (2009). Government and education. [Online]. Last accessed on 9 April 2011 at:
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