Reason for Application

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Reason for Application

Dear Sir/Madam, My name is Abdul Aziz Akhmaddireja, aged 22, i am a Indonesia national. I graduated in July 2012, from Bandung Institute of Technology, Indonesia and hold a Bachelor degree in Chemistry. I choosed to focus on applied electrochemistry because i have many curiosities to study this field. While studying electrochemistry, i fell very interisting to observe theory and application about electrochemistry. During my bachelor study, i have been proving myself to retain the top position of student in the class so that i have successfully achieved the scholarship (2009-2012) from Bandung Institute of Technology. I also learned a lot of things about life. How to be mature, independent, strong, good organization, and to be a leader of ourself and others. And i think that the student’s duties are not only for studying but also for developing their country. Further, due to my satisfaction result in academic, i have obtained the position of laborartory assistant and have been conducting this position since 2010 till now. During working as a labrotarary asisstant, i learned to understand how emotion, especially enthusiasm, can motivate others. Furthermore, i helped people to overcome their insecurities by exchanging experiences and sharing my knowledge. Throughout my service, i successfully helped many students understand the lecturers. Complementing my strong academic performence are my advanced skills in leadership and communication. I was the team leader responsible for building and leading our final project to develop community around our university. As the team leader, I was reponsible for not only to produce the method and the concept, but also distributing project assignment and responsibilities as well as governing interpersonal relationship. I want to study at Waseda University because of your outstanding education system, focus on gathering relevant work experience, and your excellent facilities. From speaking with students and...
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