Questionnaire for University Education in Bangladesh

Topics: University, Student, Public university Pages: 3 (368 words) Published: June 4, 2012
1. What do you expect from your university level education?
degree practical life skill

2. Right now if you are opting to take a degree from an university which one will you choose, public / private? Why?

3. What is your opinion about education in public university? below average moderate satisfactory world class

4. Do you think quality of education in public university deteriorated in last decade? not much a lot remains the same
5. Rank the following factors according to your preference while choosing the university (rank from 1 to 5) :

education quality

cost effectiveness



extra curricular activity

6. Do you agree politics acted as a major hindrance for choosing public education? yes no no comment

7. Is management procedure of public university student friendly? yes no

8. What is the main reason for public universities being in the lower part of global ranking? lack of research student quality education curriculum politics

9. Can you count upon the facilities provided by public university? adequate facilities not updated low ratio

10. Which of these should be improved?
transportation facility classroom library/ lab facility technological support others

11. “Public universities are falling behind research & development segment”. Comment.

12. Cost-effectiveness was the main reason for public universities being more preferable. completely agree might be absolutely not

13. Will you pursue for private over public university if scholarship is available? If yes, why?

14. Are extra curricular activities in public university of at quality level? satisfactory...
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