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Topics: University, Sime Darby, Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia Pages: 2 (357 words) Published: March 8, 2012
Good morning to my beloved teachers and all my friends. Today I am here to give a talk to all of you on the educational option for SPM leavers.

OK , as we know after finishing Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia(SPM) examination, there are plenty education choices for us as a students. Basically, for student who score flying colour in their SPM , they can used their SPM result to apply for some prestigious scholarship like Public Service Scholarship(or commonly knew as JPA scholarship), MARA scholarship, Sime Darby scholarship and so forth to pursue their tertiary education. Under this prestigious scholarship like JPA scholarship, they had offer certain critical courses such Medical, Dental ,Pharmacy and engineering courses.

On the other hand still a hope for the mediocre student as the saying there's always sunshine after the rain. They are various choices for them. They can use their SPM certification to apply for Form 6 program and the duration is about 2 years. Their SPM experience will be a useful in STPM and thus can bring them back on track to enter University. If the SPM result is not so good, there still have chance that is enrolls in Polytechnic for diploma. Via the diploma courses ,they will be exposed to the real working situation thus can enhance their hands-on skills in line with the Malaysia economic “Transformation Plant” to produce more competitive workers in global market.

Furthermore, for those SPM leavers who obtained quite bad result in their previous SPM examination, they have an option to reseat back for next upcoming SPM examination. By this, they just spend only one year duration to complete their mission in order to enter University. Base on the recent statistic, there are almost 32% of reseated SPM candidates who successfully enroll into public University.

In a conclusion, there are many more options for you out there, the most important things for you right now is to plan for your future wisely. Irrespective your SPM...
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