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Topics: Alcoholism, Alcoholic beverage, Drinking culture Pages: 3 (611 words) Published: October 8, 2013
Essay notes on Psychology

The task in the essay identify consistencies and inconsistencies in relation to the findings

Some differences or inconsistencies arise between the findings sections of the studies due to the variation of research questions and qualitative approaches used

It is relevant to note these points, but what is more relevant to your essay is to look beyond artefacts produced by the specific research questions / approach used to organise findings – so that you can work out what underlying commonalities and differences arise •

Topics referred to in de Visser & Smith as related to alcohol use: Meeting women, feeling free, feeling relief from stresses or problems, harms (e.g., hangover, blackouts, no money, physical pain), drinking more at weekends, drinking with friends, having fun, social confidence and being more friendly, managing your drinking (placing limits on consumption, eating before drinking), drinking a lot is ok / not ok, wish to avoid violence, dependence / alcoholism, drinking less due to financial cost / finding cheap ways to drink

Topics referred to in Guise & Gill: what is meant by drinking too much (e.g., getting ill), resistance to objective measures of drinking (e.g. number of drinks) and preference to describe subjective meaning (how drunk the person feels), drinking for social reasons (having fun, meeting people, being more confident, letting go, doing ‘stupid things’, a release, dancing, having a laugh, getting rowdy, drinking in a group), binge drinking is harmless), drinking more than usual to relax after a stressor like an assignment or exam, birthdays/celebrations, drinking to be more confident, some people become anti-social when they drink too much

Topics referred to by Colby et al: factors that promote alcohol use (socialising, disinhibition, relaxing, college norm, release/unwind), availability; factors that limit alcohol use: drinking situations associated with more moderate...
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