Psyche Of The Hannibal Lecter

Topics: Hannibal Lecter, Psychology, Cannibalism Pages: 1 (484 words) Published: February 16, 2015
Psyche of the Hannibal Lecter – The silence of the lambs Hannibal Lecter, a fictional character played by Anthony Hopkins in The silence of the lambs, has a unique psychological profile. He is not just a masterful psychiatrist but also a cannibalistic serial killer, a type that does not match with the conventional sorts. In the mainstream, there is hardly any reference of a person with such a profile. It is noted that insight into a psychopath murderer usually reveals presence of some traumatic childhood event which leaves a long-term mark on the individual’s mind and personality. Dr. Lecter too had a harrowing childhood, which led to a profound wound on his psyche and turned him into a remorseless and a man-eater psychopath. Moreover, it was depicted in the movie that how the proverb “take the help of a thief to catch a thief” fits so aptly in the case of psychopaths because they do share similar psychological features. For instance, Dr. Lecter, along with Buffalo Bill had a signature; a ritualistic behavior that satisfied some aspect of the murder’s fantasy. For example, Buffalo Bill, targeted females and skinned them, based on the fact that he was himself transgendered and had confusion pertaining to his gender. In the case of Hannibal, it was cannibalism. However, he was not satisfied to simply eat his victims but ho must feast on them to ‘complete the kill.’ Added to this, he is incredibly manipulative - he can pull strings very effectively; it’s plain behavioral psychology - classically conditioning people in order to make them do exactly what he wants them to do, more often than not without their realisation. His extremely sensitive sense of smell, curiosity of other people’s private life and detailed observations helped him get into the minds of others. For example, Agent Starling, a student FBI criminal psychologist, knew that she was being manipulated, however had no choice but to go along with it as she needed his help on a case and eventually...
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