Psy/240 Week 1

Topics: Law, Alcoholic beverage, Driving under the influence Pages: 1 (338 words) Published: May 8, 2013
We have already attempted coming up with a solution to the sale and consumption of alcohol in the 1920’s the Prohibition which was a complete and utter disaster when it failed drastically but turning the sale and consumption of alcohol into an underground crime scene by illegally smuggling alcohol and selling it. With a failed attempt and history repeating itself the government cannot use scare tactics on society as a way to prevent crime within society. If there is a way people will find it to be able to get what they want even if it is illegal to do. We set rules, regulations and laws for a reason which is to deter citizens from making wrong decisions and taking responsibility for their actions. For each law we have it is set up to prevent dangerous situations, crime or the potential for a crime to happen. Within our society the sale and alcohol consumption was minimized by the laws of economics to change things such as the price of alcohol, reducing the hours in which you legally can keep your establishment open, how much one in your establishment is allowed to consume before being “shut-off” for the night, and limiting the ability to purchase alcohol in some states on Sunday. Communities reconciled their differences by putting stipulations on minors having parties and if the authorities showed up not only were the minors arrested but the parents were now held accountable for the actions of their minor children. In addition they added leaving a facility drunk and causing a vehicular accident not only was the party who was driving the vehicle responsible for damages, lives lost, injuries sustained but so was the person whose house or establishment that they left from. Raising the bar on the luxury of consuming alcohol and making sure that people are held accountable for their irresponsibility’s while under the influence, increasing check-points within communities has reduced the statistics on accidents and deaths resulting from drinking and driving...
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