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Progression is clear in all aspects of our lives, however most fundamental in fostering ‘progress’ is technology. We most often think of technologies as ‘things’, and therefore they can be clearly measured and linked to progress. (Slack and Wise 2005 p. 12) Technology can be seen as synonymous with a better life, as it has many benefits in allowing society to advance and improve, however technological advancement can also have severe ramification on users and society as a whole. This can be clearly seen through the new social media ‘Instagram’, which relies upon innovation and technological advancement to remain relevant to modern society.

The ‘story of progress’ is a means of promoting a better life, or a superior product. Key examples of this throughout history include the Chicago World's Fair in 1933, where the belief that technology drives civilization was formed. (Burke, 2013 p 27) Also John Kennedy’s 1960 election speech, which he adopted a widely held technological determinist position, stating that science and technology were crucial for the progression of America. Similarly modern companies use these techniques to sell their product. Instagram, as one of the most prominent social media acts as a key example of how technological advancement has allowed a group to convey a sense of ‘progress’ in order to promote their product.

Instagram, created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger was released in late 2010, solely as a photo-sharing media that derived from ‘Facebook’. Instagram is only accessible via smart phones, forcing users to technologically progress, and therefore promoting the idea that a better life is synonymous with technology. Like JFK’s ideology of the ‘New Frontier’, Instagram acts as a symbol of progress for its time, as it focuses on innovation and advancement to remain relevant and include its audience. This can be clearly seen in the recent changes Instagram made to their rights and regulations in a bid “to create meaningful ways...
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