Problems and Difficulties of Students

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Chapter I
Education is one of the most important factors in our life that every one of us must have. It serves as the beginning steps in achieving our goals in life, the basic training in facing the world business and experience to bring about learning. As our parents say, it is the best gift that we can get from them that no one can steal it. Thus, education is our investment to become our dreams turn to reality.

We as student have our own dreams. When we are child we have already our dreams just like me. Before, when my parents ask me what I want to become, I always said with full of energy, full of action like I am driving an airplane and matching sound of “vooomvooom” then shouting that I will become the best pilot in the future. But as we mature, we recognized and envision what is typically the true scenario of our dreams. Especially when we suffered in the chain of poverty, we always set forth and aiming for success.

Success in life is not an easy one and one of the greatest factor in order to have it is that you must finish first your studies. Finishing your studies is not only when you graduated from elementary and high school but also, it is when students suffer most from the great dilemma of adjustment and difficulties on coping up with their new chapter of life and that’s what we call the college life.

College life is different from elementary and high school life. In high school and elementary period, students may have all their work done in class and got to go home. And most of the time their parents help them in their work. But in college, this is the time in entering what kind of profession they want to become. No one is going to be there to hold their hands. Picking courses, getting to class, doing the reading and figuring out what is expected on the papers are all thing they are going to have to do mostly on their own. Professors are stricter and the work is a lot more difficult. They need to spend a great deal of time studying in order to stay at the head of the class. And they need also to set their priorities and stick to them in order to be successful as college student.

Students have the potential to finish their studies but not all of them can be able to graduate from their own chosen career as they enter in college. Just like the students in Our Lady of the Pillar College- Cauayan especially in the College of Accountancy. There are many students who enrolled as a student of Bachelor of Science in Accountancy but in the end of a certain semester of school year, they are not already qualified as an Accountancy student. Because one of the reason is that, they are failed on passing their subjects specially their major subject and it is accounting.

When we say failing of passing the subject, you have not reach the cut off grades given by the school. Every colleges and universities have their own policy regarding of what are the passing and failing grades for every subjects. And it is the retention policy, that every student have undergoes on screening in every level. Failing of passing the subjects is just only one of the reason why they are failed to stay as students of Bachelor of Science in Accountancy.

There are student want to finish their studies but they have no money. There are also student that have their money but they can’t be able to finish their studies. It is just only some of the true scenario nowadays, because of the problems and difficulties faced by them. Problems and difficulties are part of our everyday life. It serves as ingredients in order for us to be stronger, to be more determined every time it exist. It also serves as teaching experience that once we overcome it, on the next time it exist again it is now easy to deal with. But sometimes it is the reason why other people especially the students are becoming weaker thinking that they have no solutions in order to overcome it.

Because of the problems and...
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