Problem and Soultion

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Underage Drinking
Topic: Problem & Solution of Underage Drinking
Specific Purpose: To focus on the problems of underage drinking and some solutions to help. Thesis Statement: Reducing Underage Drinking will serve as both an investment in our youth’s health and safety. I. Introduction

A. Attention Material (focus attention on problem): A major public health problem is underage drinking.
1. Definition: Underage Drinking is the illegal possession or consumption of any alcoholic beverage. (U.S. 2. Alcohol is the most commonly abused drug for adolescences in the United States.

3. Statistical Evidence: It is responsible for more than four thousand seven hundred annual deaths among underage youth. (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
B. Tie to Audience: Everybody has someone in their life this is greatly affected by this growing problem.
1. Some teenagers have friend that so it and they think that is alright for them to drink to.
2. Others may have family that drink and these teens want to experiment with what they view as normal.
C. Credibility Material: There are many Consequences to underage drinking.
1. Some adolescents who drink alcohol are more likely to experience school problems, such as higher absence and poor or failing grades.
2. Legal problems, such as getting arrested for underage drinking or hurting someone else while impaired.
3. The worst to think about injury or sometimes death whether it be accidently or suicide. Thesis: Reducing Underage Drinking will serve as both an investment in our youth’s health and safety. Transition: There is a much needed stop to the use of alcohol use by underage individuals. II. Body

A. Main Point #1 – Need: Communities need to come together and try to reduce the growing problem of underage drinking.
1. (Statement of Need for Action): And underage drinking is against the law, dangerous, and harm and its time to take action against it.
a.(Description of...
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