Private University Demand for Aiub

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The research paper contains a study of the various existing conditions of the private universities of our country. The main conditions that we have focoused on include the educational qualities, the qualities of faculty members, the conditions of campus and the classrooms’ and campus conditions provided by the university; the responsiveness of the university authority towards students’ opinions and finally the satisfaction or utility levels among students regarding university policies. By conducting the study on a broader basis and gathering and comparing data from all other well-renowned private universities within the city, we have found some very strong indications about the changes that have to be brought about in the organization. ohfoifhipfpiiphphpifhphf

Literature Review
Teaching and research has a unique relationship. Though many government and institutional policy claims them as separate identity, University of Canterbury showed the strong relationship between them over time (Robertson and Bond 2005). Economists once argued that the purpose of education was to produce competent human resources in order for a country to develop. Knowledge as provided by an education system is neither defined as an industrial product nor a service(Kotler 2006). In the80’s, the principal of education was to train an individual and help contributing to the society. Because of increasing market size and a bridge between producer and customer, the business marketing between the educational institutions have increased severely (Alam and Khalifa 2009). As Hodge stated, universities with good management always tend to serve its main purpose and leadership relates to acceptance and duty and its operative expulsion after acceptance. (1952). The research of Mahmudul,Shamsuland Fahaddefines the development of a country depends deeply on private sector. According to them, major attraction to the private universities is the job oriented courses they offer. The private sector is the fastest growing division in higher education within many countries. The public universities with low tuition fees still considered to be the best amongst best students in Bangladesh. Private universities at least attract by addressing in their advertisement that, meritorious students will get tuition waiver for good results. (2006). Prasantha et al. found that designed admission policies in Sri Lanka are based on the assumption of that both intelligence level and future enactment of a student can be resolute accurately in the university entrance examination level. The strategies helped to reduce imbalances in the provision of secondary school facilities and distribution of university resources to students from disadvantaged districts although it created thwarting in the more developed Colombo and Jaffna districts. Education is a central element of the social structure. (1997). The research from Ralph showed that, there is a high level of arrangement among the selected population regarding the major duties of the overseer, the people for whom these duties should be performed, and the general college areas in which the ombudsman should be free to utility. It does not, however, appear to be commonly known that this high level of covenant exists.There seems to be an overdependence on the principal executives of the college or university for the instigation as well as the supervision of the ombudsman's role. This policy curtails his movements in liquidating his duties. (1971). From his research, Ali described that Omanihighereducationinstitutionsshouldbe maintainedwith technicaland human resourcesto riseand triggerthe usenumberof new instructional media and apparatus. Exhaustive systematic in-service training programs should be conducted for staff in areasof new ET design,production, use, and evaluation. (2007). There will definitely be for some years a continuing, although declining need for emigrant professors. Their academic liberties and errands will remain...
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