Power in Shakespeare

Topics: University, Student, Education Pages: 4 (1573 words) Published: March 26, 2013
Power has significantly marked the society where we are in current development. Power is one of the best ways to control a society, yet it impacts the society in a negative way when it comes to distributing rights and opportunities. That is, since it involves the worst issues within the government known as corruption. In William Shakespeare’s play, Richard III, and Aristophanes’ play, Lysistrata, both authors employ the major role and concept of power. Both Shakespeare’s and Aristophanes’ approach to power has influenced the understanding of power and through their examples; one can employ their ideas as to why sometimes I feel powerless or powerful in my current life of a student. The views expressed by these authors are focused politically to power, which make people reflect on what power means; this involves attraction and subjugates provocation. The power is so great that it will always be seen negatively. With power one can organize groups but, there needs to be an authority. For example, like those with the political, economic, military or religious power. Yet, the problem comes when the abuse of power arises and when having too much power, the mind can be corrupted. It is necessary that one should have a good posture when power comes into hand and one should see it as something to improve on rather than to enhance on the small things that one does not need. Power should be seen as the ability to control to do the right thing and for that reason, be able to accomplish positive changes for the rest of the community. As a student, one has the ability to have power or not to have power either by sitting in a regular classroom or being at the university in general. At the university, there are laws, rules and authority that needs to be followed and for that reason a student could sometimes feel powerless. For instance, there is a rule at FAU that a student can’t be absent from a class for a certain amount of days. The student is able to feel powerful because...
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