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Sample Project Overview Statement
Project Overview Statement:

Endnote is a powerful bibliographic software program; a large percentage of faculty, staff, and students use Endnote software to write scholarly papers, manuscripts, grant proposals, and abstracts. The program is also used as an on-line research repository of published work. Currently, there are one thousand licenses consisting of four different incompatible versions of Endnote in use within the organization.

Designate a software specialist to upgrade all current Endnote licenses to version nine by July 1, 2003 using Active Directory’s software organization unit to manage distribution.

Ensure software compatibility within the organization researchers, faculty, support staff, and students. •Enhance research collaboration. • Increase the number of published works and grants submitted. •Introduce students to research writing and proper citation practices prior to graduation. •Create a shared Endnote data library based on various research topics.

Success Outcomes:
Faculty and staff will develop sharable Endnote libraries, which would be accessible on the Intranet. •Funding levels will increase as the number of faculty using Endnote publish and write grant proposals. •The number of student publication submissions increase, preparing them for research, enhances their educational experience, and prepares graduates to enter the field as a polished professional. •Student grades improve based on the application and use of formatting style (APA) a strict requirement for all courses. •The number of graduate, fellows, doctoral, and postdoctoral students obtaining grant funding through collaborative research with faculty increase as students gain access to the same technology faculty use. •All students graduate with Endnote hands-on experience, preparing them to teach, publish, conduct research, and write grant proposals.

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