Poem Analysis of Desi DiNardo's, Canadian Moose

Topics: Moose, Comparison, Modernism Pages: 3 (861 words) Published: April 11, 2011
Kurt Dadivas
Mr. Lopes
February 28, 2011
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Poetry Analysis Essay

Literature helps reveal notions and ideas that society often hides. Sometimes these ideas are often too controversial to be taken seriously by society if put out in a blatant manner. Literature acts as an outlet to present such ideas. Desi DiNardo’s poem, “Canadian Moose,” demonstrates this. DiNardo uses literature as a platform to address a problem within society in a conservative matter. Through her poem, DiNardo states that there is a prostitution problem within Canadian cities. Utilizing symbolism and wordplay, DiNardo compares moose to prostitutes. Using this comparison DiNardo conservatively illustrates that the practise of prostitution will never end in Canadian cities. The use of symbolism allows DiNardo to conservatively compare moose with prostitutes. The symbol of the moose appears twice in the poem, once in the title and once in line fifteen. In line fifteen, the use of the symbol being placed near the end of the poem is effective because it re-establishes the idea that the subjects are moose. Placing the symbol in the title is significant because it leads the reader on to assume that the poem is about the animal. Only through this symbol can the idea be made in a conservative fashion. The comparison between moose and prostitutes becomes even more apparent through further analysis. The symbol is important, but equally important is DiNardo’s wordplay, which reveals the comparison and helps make the message of the poem made. The use of wordplay plays an important role in conservatively making the point that there are many prostitutes within Canadian cities. The use of wordplay can be found in the beginning when DiNardo describes Florence’s bald, toothless head. (DiNardo, 1) Upon reading the title, the reader assumes Florence is a moose, that smiles with a bald head. This line cleverly references prostitutes, who are known to...
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