Plagiarism Has Become an Issue Concern Across Universities in Malaysia and Internationally

Topics: World Wide Web, History of the Internet, Control key Pages: 2 (572 words) Published: August 18, 2012

Plagiarism is defined in dictionaries as the "wrongful appropriation," "close imitation," or "purloining and publication" of another author's "language, thoughts, ideas, or expressions," and the representation of them as one's own original work. The factors that aided in this crime are the expansion of the World Wide Web. Search engines such us Google and Yahoo are one of the tools that helped to enhance the rate of plagiarism. Why is it a concern to universities? How does give a destructive effect towards mankind? Plagiarism, in other words copying, aids students to not use their intelligence and distort their mental capabilities. How is this possible? A human’s brain power and ability to think, reasons, and other intellectual capabilities will only be enhanced if a person takes initiative to study, and think when doing a task. Narrowing the scope to the main topic, if students keep on copying assignments from other sources in the internet, there thinking skills will not be sharpened or used. Thus, causing them to not benefit from the studies.The implication of plagiarism those results in education at university level to run out of its track and motive. A new era where students enter universities just for only one motive, which would be to obtain a degree scroll not for knowledge. Plagiarism comes in various forms, mostly is, stealing material from another source and passing it off as their own by buying a paper from a research service either pre-written or specially written; copying a whole paper from a source text without proper acknowledgement; submitting someone else work without their knowledge. Misconception of plagiarism will be the main factor. Students are not aware that copying and lifting information from the internet and other sources are considered cheating because they do not understand what plagiarism is, and they do not realize that it is wrong....
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