Physical Education

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Physical Education Department

Criteria-Wise Inputs

1.1Curriculum Planning and Implementation

1.1.1 State the vision, mission and objectives of the institution, and describe how these are communicated to the students, teachers, staff and other stakeholders. Department activities are oriented towards the objectives, vision and mission of the college and its conveyed to the stakeholders through activities of the department Students

* Induction programmes
* Academic retreat
* Seminars
* Principals and managers interaction with students
Teachers and Staff
* Staff meeting
* Seminars
* Marian Annual Academic Plan
* Social outreach programme

1.1.2 How does the institution develop and deploy action plans for effective implementation of the curriculum? Give details of the process and substantiate through specific example(s).

Updating course plan through
* Shared thinking among staff about graduate attributes
* Offered workshop to teachers in order to familiarize the attributes * Begun to explore the learning areas and linking the graduate attributes Deployment is done through various methods

* Group Discussions

1.1.3 What type of support (procedural and practical) do the teachers receive (from the University and/or institution) for effectively translating the curriculum and improving teaching practices? * Workshop on ICT

* Refresher courses for research
* Tournaments planning meeting organized by the university

1.1.4Specify the initiatives taken up or contribution made by the institution for effective curriculum delivery and transaction on the Curriculum provided by the affiliating University or other Statutory agency.

1.1.5 How does the institution network and interact with beneficiaries such as industry, research bodies and the university in effective operationalisation of the curriculum?

We are collecting feedback from
* Students
* Parents…etc and updating the curriculum based on their feedback. Ex:, Enhancement Training…. * District and state different game association

1.1.6 What are the contributions of the institution and/or its staff members to the development of the curriculum by the University?(number of staff members/departments represented on the Board of Studies, student feedback, teacher feedback, stakeholder feedback provided, specific suggestions etc. Member of Board of Studies

One member
University team selection committee member[basketball, netball, and athletics

1.1.7 Does the institution develop curriculum for any of the courses offered (other than those under the purview of the affiliating university)by it? If ‘yes’, give details on the process (’Needs Assessment’, design, development and planning) and the courses for which the curriculum has been developed

1.1.8 How does institution anlayse/ensure that the stated objectives of curriculum are achieved in the course of implementation?

Department ensures the achievement of curriculum objectives through * Review in staff meeting
* Internal exams
* Internal marks are forwarded to principal and parents
* Answer sheets are distributed in 2 days after the examination

1.2Academic Flexibility

1.2.1Specifying the goals and objectives give details of the certificate/diploma/ skill development courses etc., offered by the institution.

1.2.2Does the institution offer programmes that facilitate twinning /dual degree? If ‘yes', give details.

1.2.3 Give details on the various institutional provisions with reference to academic flexibility and how it has been helpful to students in terms of skills development, academic mobility, progression to higher studies and improved potential for employability Core Corse - M.Com Finance Physical education open course[ choice based credit system] Computer skills and...
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