Philosophy of Technology

Topics: Technology, Martin Heidegger, Lewis Mumford Pages: 3 (965 words) Published: May 19, 2013
Tafa Mohamed
Philosophy of tech
Prof. Whitmoyer
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“The essence of technology lies in enframing. Its holding sway belongs within destining” (Heidegger 260). In this quote Heidegger explains the significance of the two terms Enframing and destining and their part of the danger. The definition of destining is; destining is the path we shoes that would lead us to a certain destiny. What does destining has to do with the danger? Well the destining humans chose is enframing. Heidegger uses the term enframing to describe/explain part of the danger. Enframing basically means the frame or the lens we use to look at the world. The danger is that all we see through that lens is standing-reserve, not only that, but also the fact that enframing is the only lens/frame we use to see the world through, as he mentioned in the following quote “Placed between these possibilities, men are endangered by destining. The destining of revealing is as such, in every one of its modes, and there for necessarily, danger” (Heidegger 260). Standing-reserve is another term that he uses to explain the danger. Standing-reserve basically means, when you see a mountain you would give it essence of energy, basically you would see it as its technological potential, and not as what it is. And that’s what he explains in the following quote “the essential unfolding of technology threatens revealing, threatens it with the possibility that revealing will be consumed in ordering and that everything will present itself only in the concealment of standing- reserve” (Heidegger 263)

The relation between the two terms Enframing and Standing-reserve is that, enframing is the process and standing-reserve is the product. Basically saying that enframing is the frame we use to look at the world and what we see the world as is standing-reserve. Heidegger also mentions in his essay the term Poiesis, saying “Enframing is an ordering of destining, as is every way of revealing....
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