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Persuasive Speech Template

Get audience attention: Attention all Faulkner State University Students. Commuters are you tired of a long boring drive to Bay Minette to attend your daily classes. On-Campus residents are frustrated with being stuck on campus when you can not drive or get a ride off campus.

Indicate purpose and thesis: Today I plan to unleash a cutting edge three part transportation system that will mobilize the students, faculty and staff of Faulkner State University. I am going to persuade you the students to push the administrators to initialize this transportation system

Establish credibility: Crossing the Mobile Bay alone on each class day has given me a lot time to reflect. Once I visited my cousin at the University of Alabama I was amazed at their transportation system which included a bus system and an escort service. This reflection sparked an idea that would greatly help our university. That's why I adapted most of my plan according to the Transportation Services listed on

Preview Main Points: First I am going to talk about the current transportation system and why it is ineffective. Secondly I will go over my three part transportation plan. Lastly I will express the benefits of the new transportation initiative.


I. First I am going to go over the current transportation system. A. Today students commute to the university by car or the BRAT system. According to, Through the Baldwin Rural Area Transportation System (BRATS), students who live in the Baldwin County area can take advantage of free transportation to and from the College B. The BRAT system was designed to bus students from the Baldwin County Area to the University. C. There are several reasons why this system why this system is ineffective. 1. The BRAT system is not widely publicized therefore people know little about the routes. 2. The founders of the BRAT route failed to...

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