Performance Management and Rewards

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Analysis of results
Figure 1

This was a very simple but effective question, this was to set the scene and help us get a general over view of how the police view them self’s when they work in relation to intoxicated people on nights out, are they being wasted? As you can see in, ‘Figure 1’ the results were very one sided, with a clear ‘yes’ response. I major factor why we got these results was due to the fact that the majority of the police we interviewed were working after 5pm. This was because work generally finishes at that time and the evening events in town would start to begin. We were told by many of our anonymous interviewees that due to the cuts to the police force, there were fewer police resources out in the evening so this mirrors the result we received, the smaller amount of police would get tied in to the ‘caring’ situation involving with clubs and event nights thus feeling that they are being wasted and not able to patrol or do their job in other areas in the city centre. Figure 2

‘Figure 2 results are slightly more mix, 13/21 of the results are for 51-75%’. These stats really show how the police feel that there time is spent on nights out. To get an even better idea of why they chose that answer we asked them to explain in more depth what they would come across when incidences occur and they are as follows; * Fights in clubs (called in by bouncers on duty)

* Vandalism to the city centre
* Anti-social behaviour
* Public urination
* Reports of taxi’s being ditched (often leads to long searches) These are all caused by the over consumption of alcohol by students. ‘The anomalies in figure 2 (0-25%/26-50%) are mainly the police that were on duty in the day were they don’t get tied into the night shifts such as traffic police’. Another reason why the (51-75%) is so high is because some of the incidents such as fights in clubs are followed up by the police in the day time thus contributing to the time spent on alcohol...
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