Pedro Lopez

Topics: Serial killer, Murder, Rape Pages: 6 (2689 words) Published: February 10, 2011
It is within human nature to feel as though one can label a person as good or bad without fully knowing that person. Serial killers are a type of species presumed to be inherently evil and more flawed then the devil himself. This definition of serial killers is widely accepted among different nations because as a whole the people of the world genuinely agree on what is coherently good as well as what is coherently evil. Thanks to universal coverage and bias opinion which is divulged by the media most people have difficulties seeing serial killers in any other light besides the root of all evil. Something not quite understood by people is the lack of morality which is evident in all, not just serial killers. Sadly enough in today's society forgiveness is not something easy to gain and in order for it to be sincere the past must be forgotten, something even more difficult to achieve than equality. Considering that most, if not all, serial killers follow through with their actions based on some form of chemical inequality within their brain; it seems to make no sense as to why the human population would judge them any more than they would judge a person with autism. Modern day views on serial killers have been produced from the world's lack of knowledge within the psychology field from the start. Before people were given the correct information as to why serial killers killed people it was assumed that they were simply horrid people who must be killed. Now more is known about the psychological issues serial killers experience which causes them to pursue certain actions allowing for their reasoning to be somewhat understood by all. Serial killer Pedro López, although, had a different and more disturbed childhood than most serial killers which is thought to have lead to his type of crime. Like most "normal" people Pedro López was unable to forget the past of revise it in any way. The trauma Pedro López faced as a child caused psychological issues upon him, beginning his career as a mass murder. Pedro López, identified as "the most famous serial killer within the Southern Hemisphere", killed more than three hundred girls from Colombia, Peru and Ecuador, while on his quest for revenge. This quest would last his entire life. Pedro López underwent more brutality by the age of 18 than most will go through in their lives. The first of these dreadful acts happened while Pedro was eight years old. After the age of eight Pedro had no innocence left within him, but he still found a way to live and begged for a normal life. Pedro never achieved his wish to be normal for he had to encounter multiple acts of evil which changed the makeup of his thought process. Of the 300 girls Pedro López raped and killed, all were between the ages of seven and thirteen years of age. Psychologists suggest that the pain caused to Pedro at a young age forced him to stay trapped in his mindset of a child. Others suggest all he wanted was cold revenge for the sin committed against him by taking the innocence away from other children. Unfortunately, both sets of psychologists proved correct based on evidence from Pedro's childhood. Witnesses of Pedro's childhood paint Pedro López as the epitome of the perfect child. Pedro Alonzo López was born in Santa Isabel, Colombia on October 8, 1948. As a child Pedro had no schooling, but was self taught from the boys on the street to help the ones younger than him. His mother, Benilda López, stated, "There was no boy ever who had the heart of Pedro. " Pedro grew up in a home of thirteen children, being the seventh, all being raised by his mother who was a prostitute. Pedro's father was killed in Colombia's civil war, "La Violencia", which is why many psychologists believe Pedro's yearning for young girls came not from hate, but from fear of men as they were unknown. On many accounts Pedro recalled seeing his mother have sex with men, sometimes two to three men a night, who not only enjoyed Pedro watching,...
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