Pablo Neruda

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Brianna Burgos
American Literature
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May, 10 2013

Pablo Neruda
Modernism was a famous era within poetry. A large array of poets participated in the era such as, Elizabeth Bishop, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway along with Pablo Neruda, although he was into surrealism, some of his work revolved around modernism as well. The Modernist Literary Movement created the idea that conventional forms of art, literature, and ideals were outdated. The poem I chose is “If You Forget Me’ by Pablo Neruda. Throughout Neruda’s poetry, evidence of his participation in modernist activity is easily located. His political ideas also encouraged the modernist design of new reform amongst the people. Neruda was born on July 12, 1904 in Parral, Chile. At the age of 13 he published his first work in the local daily newspaper. From 1918 to mid-1920 he published numerous poems such as ‘Mis Ojos” and essays in local magazines. In 1921 he moved to Santiago with intentions of becoming a teacher but ended up with poetry. Pablo was known as a communist in Chile, due to his political views and literature. Due to that he was exiled from Chile for some time. During his mourning over not being in his native country, he wrote a lot of poetry in name of Chile. One of those being, “If You Forget Me”. Throughout his lifetime Neruda married three times and divorced twice. Pablo also was awarded for his literary and political work. In 1938 Neruda was appointed special consul for Spanish immigration in Paris. In 1970 Pablo also won the Nobel Prize. Some of his Literary Works and Publications consist of “Residence on Earth”, “The House at Isla Negra”. “The YellowHeart”, and “The Stones of Chile”. (“Pablo Neruda” (“Pablo Neruda” Wikipediawww.wikipedia.ord/wiki/Pablo_Neruda) ​“If You Forget Me” was written in 1952 while Neruda had been exiled from his country. Although it has been rumored that this poem was written for his last love Matilde Urrutia, it...
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