Overseas Study at Australian Universities

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Explain why overseas study at Australian universities popular. Since the 1980s, Australia has become a major player in the international student market, offering globally recognised courses and qualifications. Australian universities is popular as the third most popular international student destination in the world despite having a population of only 23 million. For this essay purpose, overseas study is defined as the tertiary level of education in a foreign country by the undergraduates or postgraduates. Research that has been carried out by the Australian Bureau of Statistics shows that 20.0% of the students accommodating in Australian universities are the international students. There are four main reasons why international students prefers to pursue their education at Australian universities such as high quality of education, good accommodation and transportation system, vast connection with large organizations and offers financial and moral support to the international students. Firstly, Australia was acknowledged as one of the finest country that offers high quality of education at their universities. In order to determine the quality of a university, there are several aspects to be taken in account such as the quality of the lecturers, the accommodations system, the learning system, the lecturer-student interactions and also the environment of the universities itself. The learning system in Australian was highly known for offering a large number of courses that is up to 2200 courses in various area of studies and there are 1100 institutions. The students are being taught by qualified, professional lecturers, which are generally trustworthy and the universities in Australia are also acknowledged to carry out learning process by having a balance in theoretical and practical learning. For an instance, the University of New South Wales was well known in oil and gas sector due to its facilities for the students to experience the machines used in the sector. In...
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