Over Reliance on Technology

Topics: Technology, Science, Human Pages: 4 (1408 words) Published: August 15, 2010
It’s 2010 and the human species as we know is in a monumental technological crossroads. Globally, we have defined the age of technological and industrial growth. As a whole our society has always been improving on all of the technological inventions to provide the general public with seamless automated and convenient applications to our personal and work life. In the age of pin size microchips and artificial intelligence the sky is the limit to our advancement of faster and more integrated technology. We as a society have embraced all of the new technological advancements and have integrated it throughout all aspects of human life. This over reliance on technology has taken away an aspect of human interaction that is vital to the way we have conducted ourselves in the past. It brings up many questions about the role technology is playing in our everyday lives. We seem to be on the constant search for ways that reduce the time worked. I-phones, Blackberry and other communication devices are always getting faster and more integrated. Specifically, the I-phone has applications that can be downloaded pertaining to just about anything. There is an application that can be downloaded that connects your I-phone to your house’s burglar alarm as well an application that can cipher passwords for alarm systems as well. Yes, I agree that this is the direction we have been catapulted in and it seems like there is not a safety net for us.

Reliance on technology simply means that our personal world cannot function without the use of technological devices. According to a study done by National Public Radio, 68% of Americans say that they use a computer on the job. Of those 68%, 84% say that the use of a computer is crucial to their job being completed. (Mcphilson)

A great example showing how technological advancements have taken away the human interactive experience involves the insurance industry. According to an article by Ara C Trembly, he explains how new...

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