Ouantitaive Research: Stress Among College Students

Topics: University, Full-time, Higher education Pages: 7 (2500 words) Published: October 25, 2006
Through personal experience, we each found that students who were in college are likely to report feeling stress. We tend to find a significant difference between college students with jobs and college students without jobs. Based on prior knowledge, we know that acute stress can be related to small daily hassles, while chronic stress takes place when several environmental stressors continue to be a worry for a long period of time, like finances and schoolwork. Emotional stress, such as anxiety, is also connected to academic stress. Students who work are exposed to more occurrences of stress. For all of the reasons listed previously, we hope to see that our study will yield to our prediction, that students with jobs will report feeling more stressed than students without jobs. Within our study we will research the following questions: How does working and going to school contribute to stress among college students; Are the grades of college students who work at least 20 hours per week affected? The affects of working while in college varies by the type of job held: full-time versus part-time. Negative effects typically occur because of hours spent at work take time away from studying, which may lead to lower grades. Working may contribute to students dropping out of college or taking a longer time to graduate. But student employment can also be a positive experience. Some students may gain experience at their job that helps push them harder in the classroom. Many students also may feel as if there is no impact on them physically or mentally by trying to balance a job and school. Within our other study, we feel as if that a student with no job excel further in academics than students who work at least 20 hours per week. Employment and academics generally harms grades and is stressful. These effects depend on being a part-time or full-time student, how many classes the student is taking, how many hours per week they work, how many hours of sleep they are receiving, how many hours do they study a week and whether they generally take morning or evening classes. While conducting this research we will be using not only a survey and interviews to gain quantitative data for this research paper, but we will also use 10 outside references that have approached similar research information pertaining to our own. These references will help our research to give us both the positive and negative aspects of college student who work while attending school. It demonstrates that there is research in place to build upon and continue. Our research will be able to take in mind all of the conclusions of other works and expand. Quantitative research is the systematic scientific investigation of quantitative properties and phenomena and their relationships (wikipedia). For our project we chose to use two quantitative research methods. The research methods our group used were interviews and surveys. We chose to use these methods because they are two of the most popular quantitative techniques. We also felt that these methods allow our results to be generalized to the population under study. We surveyed 18 working college students. Each student surveyed was given 10 standardized questions to answer. We also interviewed two working college students, one male and one female. The two interviewees were also asked standardized questions. The surveys provided our group with general information like: classification, whether they were part-time or full-time students, the amount of hours they work a week, the amount of hours of sleep they obtain a night, whether they turn in assignments on time, and etc. However, the interviews provided our group with specific information about how working college students' grades are affected from the perspective of a male and the perspective of a female. The interviews we conducted characterize the views of male and female working college students. Some questions we asked these students were: Does...
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