Organizational Problem Identification & Analysis Paper

Topics: University, Chancellor, Counseling Pages: 1 (384 words) Published: October 18, 2010
Organizational Problem Identification & Analysis Paper 2
The organization that I would like to reference is a state funded two-year technical college. When I began my employment there, the college was headed by a chancellor who had worked there fifteen years. Because of his many years, he was very knowledgeable and a very positive impact on the college as a whole. After two years of my employment there, the chancellor decided to relocate to another state, and therefore, resigned his position. Naturally, this created a very drastic change for the college and everyone associated with it. Although there was an assistant to the chancellor and a vice-chancellor, no one could take on the role of the chancellor because he had his own individual and unique style of how he wanted the college to be run. I was employed as a career counselor in the counseling and testing division of the student services department of this technical college. My position was grant-funded and lasted five years before drastic budget cuts took place and the grant was not renewed. I was devastated because this was one of the best jobs I have ever had because I enjoyed the college setting. One main reason that I enjoyed this field of work so much was because I could relate to the students in a very positive way and I enjoyed helping them in areas that they experienced weak points. I reported to the director of counseling and testing. The student services department consisted of the following divisions: counseling and testing, admissions, student life, student center, special projects, and financial aid. Each of these divisions had individual guidelines, rules, and regulations, but all had one common denominator and that was to provide quality services to all students by assisting them in whatever ways possible. The organizational problem was that there became a new leader (a newly hired chancellor) who needed to learn as much as possible about the college and everything that was associated with...
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