Organizational Matrix

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Organizational Theories Matrix

Complete the matrix by listing at least five organizational theories and the correlating theorists, concepts, strengths and weaknesses of each theory. Answer the questions that follow the matrix. Include reference page consistent with APA guidelines, and include primary sources where available.

Organizational theory| Theorist| Concepts| Strengths and weakness| Modernist| Adam Smith, Max Weber , Henri Fayol| Clear structure and organization. Rational order and stability | Strengths – scientific approachWeakness – no longer fits the modern world – global communication, lack of emphasis on emotion.| Post Modern| Alvin Toffler,

Daniel Bell, Jean- Francios Lyotard, Michel Foucault Jacque Derrida | After modernism, less structure. More service oriented, | Strengths – greater emphasis on professionalism, emphasis on innovation, technologyWeakness – thought by some to be little more than anti- modernism| Neo Modern| | | |

Open Systems| | | |
Reflexive Organization| | | |
| | | |
| | | |

Answer the following questions based on your research and the matrix:

1. What is organizational theory? Why does organizational theory matter?

2. Which theories or theorists differ from your views on organizational design? Why?

3. What theories have guided the successes or failings of your organization? How?
Although I work in information technology, I would say that it is not widely understood or valued in my organization. There is a vague sense that it can help make processes more efficient but that is always countered by the fear

4. What are the challenges of finding primary sources as compared to secondary sources in researching organizational theories?


Miner, J. B. (2003). The Rated Importance, Scientific...

Miner, J. B. (2003). The Rated Importance, Scientific Validity, and Practical Usefulness of Organizational Behavior Theories: A Quantitative Review. Academy of Management Learning & Education, 2(3), 250-268.
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