Opening a restaurant

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Opening a restaurant
takes time, patience and plenty of work. Deadlines must be met, and your efforts must be set towards meeting your budget and creative specifications. But with the right planning, getting everything done in a timely manner can be accomplished with minimum frustration.

What should I know before
opening a restaurant
Since your first priorities will be to the building your business will be located in, and to the supplying of your restaurant, you need to work closely with your contractor to ensure he or she fully understands the operation of your establishment and has fulfilled your needs in return. This includes, among other things, assurance that you have received all the licenses pertaining to your area and knowledge that you have applied for federal, state and local tax numbers. In addition, make sure your contractor is aware of your responsibilities to your lease before, during and after construction. Most importantly: Don�t assume anything. Put everything you want done in writing!

Also, for the sake of organization, set up a storage area so you can store equipment, smallwares, supplies and such as you receive them. This way, you won�t have to coordinate with your contractor to receive items at the site.

What steps will I need to take in the weeks leading up to the opening of my restaurant
Naturally, each restaurant is different. But every one still has to undergo certain procedures to ensure a successful restaurant opening
. The following eight-week plan offers a time-tested process that can be expanded (to 12 weeks, for example) or shortened (to 6 weeks) depending on your needs. It also gives you plenty of time to cover your tracks and plan ahead, just in case the unexpected occurs.

Eight weeks before
opening a restaurant
: Get the preliminaries out of the way.
First thing first: Prepare your pre-opening budget and start envisioning what sort of image you would like to convey for it. This will carry you through the rest of the process and set a visual goal of what you�d like to accomplish.

Then, set out on obtaining the necessary background materials and legalities. Evaluate local broadline distributors and consider specifics, like scope/lines of products available, delivery times/frequency, prices on key products; credit terms; electronic or Internet ordering options; and other  support services offered, such as business reviews, consultation, staff training. Also, establish your insurance policy and apply for the necessary licenses from the health department, the food manufacturer and the water department. Also, determine local certification requirements (HACCAP training), check local health codes and ordinances, determine requirements for your alcoholic beverage server, and make sure your business and liquor licenses are in order and that you�re set up correctly for sales and use tax.  

In addition, start ordering your cooking equipment, smallwares and tabletop items, like flatware, tableware, glassware, sugar caddies, smallwares and kitchen utensils, salt and pepper shakers, table vents, vases and the like. Also, order your beverage service, point-of-sale (POS) system and store d�cor; order menu boards, exterior signage, office equipment (copied, fax, computer, calculators), and office furniture (desk, chair, filing cabinet, etc.).

Seven weeks before
opening a restaurant
: Following up on what you started.
Things should be beginning to take shape now, so make it a priority to follow up on your timelines and get yourself organized. Arrange for a moving company, if needed, for furniture and such. Check the statuses of your licenses with the health department, food manufacturer and water department, as well as with your business license, liquor license and sales and use tax. Also, check the status of your sales, federal, state and local tax numbers.

In addition, establish your banking system and accounts and obtain bids for local trash pick-up,...
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