Online vs Campus

Topics: University, Distance education Pages: 4 (1388 words) Published: August 12, 2011
Running head: W2A4: Compare and Contrast Essay

Online VS on Campus

Miranda Moore

South University

Online VS on Campus

Write an essay in which you compare and contrast the advantages and disadvantages of engaging in a specific online activity with those pursuing the same activity in a more traditional way.

Comparing online college institutions to a physical campus can be a difficult task. Many students know what degree they want to pursue, but with so many online universities offering a wide array of the same programs it makes it that much harder to choose. Some things to consider would be the enrollment process, the class scheduling, and last but not least the college’s accreditation. First let us start with the enrollment process. This can be a rigorous process for many but then also a breeze for others. The online enrollment process consists of a lot of emailing and phone interviews. It can be a little hectic if you do not have the right enrollment counselor. They are there to guide you through the online process step by step. The counselor never leaves you on the phone until you have completed every task. They take you through the finance process, walk you through signing in to class, and even help you with your first assignment. It is almost like you have a friend holding your hand. Now when it comes to the enrollment process at a university on campus you go through the same procedures as far as having to go through the financial aid process and picking out your classes. Except the experience is totally different unlike having someone to walk you through the enrollment process online, you actually may have to wait in line at a college campus. All students dread having to spend half of their day in a line waiting to sign up for class, getting their picture taken for and ID card, parking permits, and the worst one of all, waiting in the financial aid line. Going to school online means there are no lines and no parking...
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