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"Alcohol in public places"

Drinking alcohol in public places should be banned (claim) because it puts other people, especially children and teenagers at a risk of copying and giving them a negative impression (ground). Alcohol in public places also endangers the public property from deterioration and destruction (ground). Recent studies show that almost (qualifier) 80% of people who drink alcohol outside of their home are at the risk of having accidents. About 30% of those people have records of severe accidents leading to death.

Banning an act that causes problems to innocent civilians is helpful in many ways (warrant). If drinking alcohol in public places is banned, we actually discourage many of the alcohol consumers to drink and reduce the growing problem of cardiovascular diseases and cancer (backing statement). Moreover, if we ban selling alcohol in general stores, we can also discourage the habits of drinking outside of home. Additionally, studies show that banning the sale of alcohol in general stores other than licensed stores can actually reduce the problem of drinking in public arena. (Backing statement).

While it can be said that not all people who drink in public areas are always causing harm to others, it remains a fact that drinking in a haphazard way is a cause of health problems (rebuttal). It is not enough to say that the size of affected people are relatively just a small fraction; plenty or few, one person put at risk is more than enough (rebuttal). It is only the case that smoking in public places, therefore, should be banned.
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