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Tourist Attractions HISTORICAL

STONE MARKER OF YOSHITOI’S GRAVE – Located at Poblacion Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon. This stone, inscribed with Japanese character marks the grave of high-ranking Japanese official killed during the World War II. Roughly elliptical and measuring about 2 feet and 1 foot across, the stone bears two sets of inscriptions which when translated, means “On this spot died Miyazaki Yoshitoi, chief of army and Emperor Chiao. In memory of Kaji Battalion, May 8, 1942.


KITANGLAD NATIONAL PARK – a natural type of attraction located at the north central Bukidon. It has an area of 31,297 hectares composed of more than dozen mountain peaks, including Mt. Dulang-Dulang. The peak of the mountain could be reached through 3 trail routes namely: Bolugan, Kaatuan, Lantapan / Lupiagan, Sumilao / Intavas, La Fortuna, Impasugong.

MT. KITANGLAD, the second highest mountain in the country, towers to more than nine thousand feet, serving as the base of the Province’s long distance communication tower. It also offers a challenge to mountain climbers. To reach its summit, one has to scale its ranges for five hours passing through Flora and Fauna of genuine virgin forests. At the base of Lalawan, Dalwangan, is the home of the Philippine Eagle. It was declared as a National Park under EO 677 dated December 14, 1990. Rising up to 9,696 feet above sea level, this second highest peak in the Philippines, has been declared as highest in biodiversity. The temperature varies from 64 to 56 planted mostly with Alvizza Falcantria and other medicinal trees, most of which grow on trees which still drip with dew even at twelve o’clock high noon.

LAKE APO – a natural type located at Guinoyuran, Valencia. This could be reached through jeepney and motorcycle. This twenty-four hectares and eighty five feet-deep lake is surrounded by mountains. It is an ideal place for boating and fishing.

PAIYAK CAVE – Found in the Palaopao mountains of Sumilao, Bukidnon it is fifteen minutes ride and an hour and 50 minutes walk from Sayre Highway in Kisolon. This well-preserved Cliffside cave has created centuries old formations as gleamed from undistributed stalactites and stalagmites

PINAMALOY LAKE – This serene and tranquil lake can be seen from the highway in Don Carlos, Bukidnon. Often used as picnic and fishing area.

NAPALIT LAKE – the 36 hectares-seventy eight feet deep lake in Pigtauranan, Pangantucan, is located at the foot of the Kalatungan Mountains. It stands out because of its twenty-four floating islets of varying sizes, the biggest of which is 50 feet wide. Those islets float around the lake parallel to the direction of the wind.

NASULI SPRING – Located twenty kilometers from Malaybalay. Nasuli springs offers nature enthusiasts cool, clear water which is ideal for diving and swimming. MT. PIGTUYUAN – Found in Sampagar, Damulog, breast-like mountainas and 250 feet high with a slope range from 30 to 50 percent. Host of PLDT, PHILTEL, NAPOCOR & DOTC transmitters.

MINLAYA FALLS – Located at Poblacion, Damulog, fifty nine feet high falls and 15 feet deep at the drop site.

QUARRY CAVE – Composed of several interconnected passages and has several outlets. The width ranges from .60 m to 19.10 m. while its height ranges from 1 meter to 6 meters located at East Poblacion of Kitaotao.

LIROPAN CAVE – Found in Kiabo, Malitbog, about 30 to 45 minutes ride from Poblacion. Noted for its deposit of organic fertilizer called “Guano”. Its creek discharges milky white water.

MALAGAHA LAKE – Located in Barangay Kalingking, Malitbog and about 15 minutes ride from Poblacion. It is a hunting area for wild ducks, likewise a fishing ground for mudfish.

SUMALSAG CAVE – Found in Kilabong, Sumilao which is known as the longest cave in the Northern part of the province.

BORANTAWAN CAVE – in Bita-ug, Lantud, Talakag has a 300 meter vertical entrance and is...
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