New York University: Academic Program and Extracurricular Activities

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New York University
New York University is located in New York, New York on, 70 Washington Square South. It is among the private schools which makes it one of the top schools. Albert Gallatin, a distinguished statesman who has served as secretary of the treasury under President Thomas Jefferson, was the founder of this university and he founded it on 1831. It was opened to all, regardless of national origin, religious beliefs, or social background. New York University is the largest of all private universities in the Unites States. Other than being the largest private university, it is also one of the largest employers in New York City, with over 16,000 employees. Most students in American colleges and universities were members of the privileged classes offered at New York University. It has a seal that is composed of five emblems that embrace the goals and traditions of this university, it includes: the NYU name and its founding year. The motto of this university is written in French “perstare et praestare” which in the English language stands for “to persevere and to excel”. Lastly, the seal has an upheld torch of the Lady of the Harbor, which signifies New York University in service of the “metropolis”—New York City. This University, being among the private schools and largest schools, it is very difficult to get admitted into. The admission to New York University requires the following: an exceptional curriculum and dynamic learning and mentoring experiences with an award-winning, professionally renowned faculty. You must have taken four unites of English, two units of a foreign language, four units of history, three units of math, three units of science; recommended, three foreign language, four math, and four science. The requirements for your admission are depending on what major you will be choosing or applying for; perhaps, you are applying for arts and sciences, you will need to have motivation, curiosity, and scholarly achievement, but besides that...
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