Nestle Case Study

Topics: Breastfeeding, Infant formula, Third World Pages: 2 (488 words) Published: August 6, 2013
Nestle The Infant Formula Controversy
The Nestle Corporation is located in Switzerland and is one of the world’s largest food-processing companies sales over $100 billion. They may be one of the world’s largest processor but they have been drawn into a potential boycott of one of their products. Nestle has been indirectly charged with the death of 3rd world nations infants. The charges are due to an issue with Nestle’s baby formula which was causing an abundance of pre mature deaths. There was a twenty eight page report done by a British reporter that said that the powdered-formula manufactures contributed to the death of the Third World infants by hard-selling their products to people incapable of using the product in the proper way. These allegations were a huge on the companies moral. The piece was then later published by a group called (Third World Working Group). TWWC bashed Nestle with the title “Nestle Kills Babies”. The piece had accused Nestle of unethical and immoral behavior due to the company’s actions. The responsibilities that the company should follow were not paid attention to carefully; they should try and fix what they are doing with their product because as of right now they’re known as baby killers. Something needs to be done, they either need to stop selling their product to these countries that can’t properly make the formula. Or they need to give them the proper tools to be able to make the formula. Finally they might need to make a different formula to compensate for all the necessities to make the formula that these Third World countries don’t have at their exposure. Nestle should have shown that in the directions it should have said very clearly that you need to follow the directions to make the formula and if you don’t it could cause health problems. Nestle could have gone down to the Third World and given demonstrations to the people and show them the proper way to make the formula. There isn’t any excuse that they weren’t...
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