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Topics: Neoclassicism, Expressionism, Romanticism Pages: 1 (299 words) Published: October 3, 2014

Neoclassicism and Romanticism

A mid to late eighteenth century, there were two very different artistic movements with two different points of view. Comparing Neoclassicism with Romanticism, fundamental differences are making a contrast between the two. Neoclassicism was a movement, architecture, culture and art was inspired by classical antiquity, hence the historical and mythological subjects with abundant bare Greek style, it is an art where what matters is the drawing tools that color is considered secondary. This artistic movement has similar characteristics to the Renaissance where the reason for departure from imagination and thrills. Romanticism was an artistic, intellectual and literary movement that emerged from the social and political norms of the Enlightenment and the rationalization of nature, as a reaction to neoclassicism, is inspired by the night, the ruins, nature, and tragedies, among others. Highlights the strength of contrasting colors, unbalanced positions, gesticulate and chiaroscuro. Neoclassicism promotes the ideas of order, aspirations and limited sensitivity is why the neo is an art which cannot be spontaneous imagination and excitement of romanticism unlike where intuition, emotion and imagination over logic and emphasizes reason. The art of Neoclassicism express common human traits and characteristics, is seen as an expression of a universal truth about human nature, romanticism express his unique vision and never before seen to express themselves. JL David was a French painter of great influence in the neoclassical art, he seek inspiration in sculpture and mythological Greek models, and paint large paintings with taut symmetries and movement, each of which is planned from the expressions of the faces, postures body, mass distribution and lighting.

Kleiner, Fred S., and Christin J. Mamiya. Gardner’s Art through the Ages: A Concise History of Western Art. Victoria: Thomson/wadsworth, 2008. Web Neoclassical and Romantic Painting...
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