negative effects of communication technology

Topics: Sociology, Communication, Technology Pages: 3 (780 words) Published: November 9, 2013

Date: 12/4/2013
Referenced essay: topic2 – Do the negative effects of communication technologies outweigh the positive effects? Thanks to the invention of interacting technologies, communication has been becoming innovative and more convenient. However, besides some positive aspects, these equipment also result in a lot of unfavorable impacts that negatively affect both social interaction and individual’s life. This essay will demonstrate the preponderance of the downsides of those devices over their advantages on community by giving specific problems stemming from the use of communicating technology. One of the main issues that interaction technological equipment brings about is the inefficiency in straight conversation. According to Cohen and Wills (1985), contacting directly can help communicators know more about social norms as well as make their self-confidence stronger. Therefore, if this kind of contact decreases, which probably results from the abuse of technology in interacting, people might have no idea about basic etiquettes and feel insecure when communicating with others or in public places. Moreover, they may have to face the possibility that both of their verbal and non-verbal skills would be deficient. As a result, individuals will find it difficult to identify implications, to use body language and to choose accurate words to express own ideas. Consequently, communication breakdowns happen and sidetrack the dialog. Another problem is that utilizing these technologies in an excessive level can make its consumers addicted, thus causing psychological disorders and a loss of focus. Due to the conveniences and multifunction of communication technological devices, people can be strongly attracted by those equipment. They are almost ready to ignore all of the things around them to spend hours to send emails or chat with friends by their modern and expensive cellphones. As a consequence, the ability to concentrate is significantly eroded and this...
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