Narration: University and Time

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Narration to Process Analysis

Thesis: (Balancing work, school, and family demands can be a difficult experience for some students. Doing this can lead to stress, frustration, and anxiety. As a student myself, I have many experiences struggling to balance my studies with my personal life. This essay is to help first time distance- education students use their time wisely to achieve their goal of earning a college degree.)

Being a distance education student can be overwhelming. Many first time Penn Foster College students have adversity when it comes to finding “balance” during their college lives. Balance is tremendously essential for any student who is achieving to receive their degree. When a student is unbalanced, it can cause unhappiness or distress. When I was studying to receive my degree in Penn Foster, I found myself asking the following questions. “How can I become more balanced during my college course, if I have to work extra hours on my job?” “Will my family be upset if I dismiss their plans for my school work?” “What if I will never have time for myself again?” If you are finding yourself asking the following questions, I am here to tell you that there is no need to worry. Here are some solutions that will teach you how to balance yourself among your work, studies, and family demands.

Creating a Schedule
Creating a schedule can have many advantages when it comes to being a Penn Foster College Student. You never want to be unorganized when you are trying to balance work, school, and family demands. In order to make a schedule you can either make a list, get a planner, or you can use your own calendar. Once you have chosen your schedule; you can now write your tasks. First write down the days and hours you have to work. Secondly, write down which days and hours are best available for you to study your college courses. Finally, write down the days and hours you have time to spend with your family. A schedule is defiantly an excellent way to...
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