My Reflections

Topics: University, Time, Future Pages: 1 (289 words) Published: February 5, 2012
My Reflections
My ideal university

My reflection on the article before us directly correlates with the author’s view on the subject. My understanding of what is an ideal university is also the same as the article points out. An ideal university must have higher but free standards of education. It must also take itself to have the people primarily by offering courses that are really needed in the present economic needs. Most importantly an ideal university must have complete facilities and instrumentalities of learning such may include the physical and structural or infrastructural needs, faculty and administrative needs, students and clients’ needs, student’s body and all other instrumentalities thereof. An ideal university must also take into consideration to the community where it is locates.

Choosing an ideal university is the one that really matter. Since it is most known to us that spending is grave on the tertiary levels, students and parents alike should wisely choose the best course for them or their children. Then they select the ideal university for the selected course and decide whether to pursue it or not. This way, course hopping or “shifting” will be avoided and our future and the future of our children will be secured.

As for me, I have found most universities as ideal ones. The only problem is how other younger students and their parents choose their ideal university for them and their children’s academic needs. In my case, in consideration of my present course, I can suggest no other ideal university but my very own, which I believed as the only ideal university in forming the best future educators of our country.

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