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I. Introduction
Thesis Statement: They all may find several important repercussions about that but generally, population suffer three alarming effects: nausea, headache and dry mouth.

II. Nausea
1. According to a study by Harvard University only 15 percent of the binge drinkers feel this symptom.

III. Headache
1. The latest data showed that 72 percent of people with hangover feel this condition. Of whom, 65 percent are men and the remaining 7 percent are women.

IV. Dry mouth
1. According to a study of The Brain Research Institute 95 percent of people do not take seriously the recommendation respect drink four or five glasses of water during their intoxication with the alcohol

V. Conclusion (with a suggestion)

Effects of hangover

Vanessa Camacho Noguera
Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra
Margaret Felicia Donaghy
April 1st, 2014
Effects of Hangover
Although it seems incredible, the first alcoholic beverage was discovered in the late Stone Age and has existed since 10,000 BCE. Therefore, it makes sense that the consumption, of these beverages, was related to the development of the hangover. But what is this? In common words, it may be defined as the painful day after drinking one drink after another. Most people have undergone this feeling at some time during their lives. Will you be the next? More and more people wish to do this at an early age. We are watching children and teenagers drink to the point of intoxication because they lose control over the use of alcohol. They all may find several important repercussions about that, but generally, population suffers three irritating effects: nausea, headache and dehydration.

One of the irritating effects is nausea. It is caused by a gastrointestinal tract irritation in our stomach because of its increasing proportions of ethanol. It has been proven that is not always the case. According to a study by Harvard University only 15...

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