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Topics: Pablo Picasso, Sculpture, Cubism Pages: 2 (512 words) Published: May 15, 2010
Man and Woman by Pablo Picasso
On April 14, 2009 I attended the LA County Museum of Art. I’ve attended that museum twice before but always find it intriguing due to new art pieces being displayed. The Ahmanson Building, which is the one I visited is very well organized and not to mention welcoming and knowledgeable staff. I was lucky enough to arrive at the museum five minutes before a tour of the museum started. While I was there I lost track of time and spend a little more time that I had scheduled for myself, but the overall trip was worth it. There was so many paintings, textiles, ceramic ware and sculptures that I had a difficult time trying to focus on a certain one for my report.

Being a huge fan of Pablo Picasso’s work I chose to focus on a piece of his. I focused my eyes on the painting entitled, Man and Woman (1969). Out of thousands of paintings in that building this one was the one that just stood out. The subject of this painting is simple said through the title. It’s a painting of an un-ordinary man and woman. It was somewhat kind of hard to distinguish were the woman or man’s body starts and/or finishes. I have to admit that the only way I knew who the woman was due to her voluptuousness. It’s overall a very abstract painting.

This painting was done on a canvas using oil paints to make the piece last longer and look brighter than those painted with regular paints. Although, using oils does take a longer time to dry the outcome of the painting is worth the wait. The oils were brushed on using thick layers making the surface of the painting a bit rough if touched. As for the hair part of these two individuals appears to be soft due to the soft stokes of paint.

The colors used by Picasso were very limited when painting this piece of art. Yellow was used for the background which by the way the brightness of this color was what caught my attention. In the center the color black was used to portray the man and white was used...
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