MSCC Case Study Final

Topics: Information systems, Management, Database management system Pages: 7 (1052 words) Published: January 18, 2015

Case #1 Midsouth Chamber of Commerce (B) case study

MSCC 610 Info Technology Concepts
Instructor: Walter Sulmeisters
January 15, 2015

B. R. Malintha Fernando

This case study outlines what Midsouth Chamber of Commerce (MSCC) went through when they acquired a new system to handle their operations. The new chief financial officer Saga Niele (CFO) and Information Systems (IS) manager was hired to clean up the Information Systems disaster at the MSCC. MSCC went through two unsuccessful system conversion failures primarily caused by mismanagement of technology, technical staffing and contract management. First getting the UNITRAK system with an IBM Server and then trying to move to the DMA system with a HP server. The new Information Systems manager must choose to modify the current system or implement a new information system solution to meet the growing demands of employees and members. Background

The Midsouth Chamber of Commerce (MSCC) was created in the first part of the twentieth century to benefit most businesses, within the Midsouth area. Their information systems history began in 1986 when personal computers and database management were first introduced into the organization by Ed Wilson, the vice president of public affairs.  (Carol Brown 2012) MSCC turned into the most powerful business advocacy organization within the area, with Jack Wallingford as president. In the early 1990’s, economic development in the Midsouth area was highly dependent on the transportation systems. As a result of legislative decisions, many communities in the Midsouth area could not gain access to reasonable transportation services, thus delaying business and economic progress.  Without anyone to represent their concerns to the state government, a group of powerful business people formed the MSCC to lobby the legislature on the issues of transportation access. (Carol Brown 2012) As they started using more and more computer, technology, they recognized the need to connect the power of the information they had. In 1998 Ed Wilson found a consultant called Nolan Vassici and he recommended custom software and hardware for each division. These custom software and hardware was managed by a recent computer science graduate called Simon Kovecki in year 2003. In August of 2005, Leon Lassiter (VP of Marketing) attended a national association meeting where he found out about software called UNITRAK. With the help of Simon Kovecki UNITRAK was implemented. By migrating to UNITRAK only 15% of the data was transferred and 85% of the data was still left in the old system. Even though UNITRACK system was up and running problems existed. One of the biggest problems UNITRACK faced was a lack of a Relational Database Management system. In 2008, Simon Kovecki was replaced by Dick Gramen who was a HP Server expert. In 2009 Dick German convinced MSCC to purchased DMA (Data Management Associates) systems, because it had the capabilities of matching MSCC’s requirements. However DMA started having problems to support and deliver services for its product to MSCC. Analysis

Here are the key issues that MSCC as a whole organization faces. What MSCC is trying to accomplish has not been defined in this system upgrading projects. The requirements that are needed for this system upgrading projects have not been gathered. MSCC also does not have the necessary technical employees to develop a new system and there was no guidance from an experienced information system professional. Due to the lack of proper management from the beginning caused problems. Senior management lacked knowledge of information systems, and relied heavily on consultants who were not familiar with the organization procedures to make decisions for them. Lack of effective communication was also a problem that played a major role in the system upgrading process. Decisions were made quickly and even if there was research performed, it was not enough to...
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