Modern Technology vs. the Simpler Times

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Modern Technology vs. the Simpler Times
What was life like back in the simpler times? Everyone can agree that life back then was extremely different from what it is today. There were no phones, or e-mail. No Facebook, cars, dishwashers, or microwaves. In fact if one could travel back in time and see what it was they might think they were sent to some other planet. All of the advancements have improved human civilization and helped people move forward. Life today is much better than it was back in the simpler times by far because of our technological advances.

Many technologies have advanced in the past hundred years. Computers advanced at a faster rate than any other. Helping billions of people, more specificaly student, get connected, be productive, and get things done (Evinger). The ones we notice more, or take for granted the most, are technologies that help people with day to day things. Simple things like washing our clothes were not so simple back then. It used to be a whole day ordeal with a washboard and lots of manual labor, but technology has made it very easy. Another technology that we use daily is the refrigerator. Our lives revolve around food and in the simpler days you didn’t have a fridge to pull some sandwich meat out of and whip yourself up a quick meal. And you couldn’t hold raw meats over night because they would go bad. You would have to go to the store every day and get what you needed for that day. And going to the store was a mission of its own.

Transportation back then was not as easy as it is today. All that people had back then was horses. Horses went much slower than today’s cars and your butt would hurt after riding for a while. A trip out of town took a very long time compared to the half an hour drive it takes today to get to the next largest city. And going overseas used to be a voyage that took months. Today it takes less than a day to get from Portland to Europe. All of these things that make life easier today give us more...

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