Modern Technology

Topics: Technology, Automobile, Pollution Pages: 2 (478 words) Published: May 6, 2013
Advantages and disadvantages of modern technology
Technology is involved today in almost every aspect of life all the way from waking up to getting back to bed again. Our daily use of modern technology made it develops at a very rapid pace. From my experience in examining modern technology, I found out that though to most of it appears wonderful and helpful, technology has very harmful disadvantages. Today everyday activities are involved with modern technology. Modern technology includes internet, vehicles, electronic devices, home applications, and even in medication. Our use of modern technology has made our life easier, better, faster, and doesn’t need a lot of effort. For example, cars have made our travelling through the cities and towns faster and less in time consuming. Moreover, medication now uses machines that are better and faster in detecting viruses and tumors. Modern technology today is also involved with education like the electronic-learning. For example, in some schools education can be electronically through the net, sending and receiving assignments through special programs. In conclusion, the use of modern technology is now included in everything in our life.

Technology starts to develop our ways of communication so that we can notice the communication through the net became one of our main daily aspects of life. As an advantage the communication through the net saved a lot of our time, money, and energy. We can easily now send or receive an e-mail on click. Moving on technology always develop its self for example social network websites which allow individuals from all around the world to communicate in very easy manner. Yet still messenger, Skype and etc. even made it even possible to have a video or voice call with a high call efficiency. In conclusion, communication through the net is considered as technology development which is used by most individuals daily to keep them updated and on touch. However, modern technology is...
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